Thursday, March 1, 2012

Wierba & Schmidt Quintet feat. Piotr Baron - The Mole People (2012)

Wierba & Schmidt Quartet feat. Piotr Baron (band)

Michał Wierba – piano
Piotr Schmidt - trumpet
Marcin Kaleta – sax
Sebastian Kuchczyński – drums
Michał Kapczuk – double bass
Piotr Baron - sax

The Mole People (2012)

This is second release by this quintet led by young pianist Michał Wierba and trumpeter Piotr Schmidt. To their last recording "Black Monolith" they invited American veteran trombonist Dante Luciani while a guest star on this album is Piotr Baron, undoubtely one of the most significant saxophonist in Poland. Music itself haven't changed at all since their debut so for its most extensive description I refer you to my "Black Monolith" review. In short it is kind of typical (post?)-post-bop very well played with exemplary if somewhat shallow interplay between musicians. Good if judged by standards of skillful copying of great masters of American music. Weak if measured against what is going on in European music right now. It sounds schematic, unemotional and superficial. The more I'm sorry because Piotr Baron is my favourite musician and we know how brilliant artist he is from numerous recordings which are as beatiful as brave and creative (check for example his last year "Kaddish"). But here his voice sounds dull and uninspired. Simply neither partners nor compositions (the only exception is 'The Peacocks' by Jimmy Rowles) are enough to match his talent. Finally let me add following remark: I hope that such young, talented musicians as Wierba, Schmidt, Kapczuk, Kuchczyński, Kaleta will open theirs ears to the paths of modern jazz and on their next recordings try to say something in their own, individual and unique voice...

Track listing: 1. I Can; 2. Make The World Dance; 3. Beneath The Moon; 4. Orinia Morning; 5. Sarcastic Fringehead; 6. The Peacocks; 7. The Mole People

Author of text: Maciej Nowotny

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