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Ragtime Jazz Band – Ragtime Jazz Band (Polish Jazz Vol.07, 1966)

Ragtime Jazz Band

Władysław Dobrowolski - cornet, leader;
Jerzy Galiński - clarinet;
Dymitr Markiewicz -trombone;
Mieczyslaw Mazur — piano;
Alfred Baranowski —banjo;
Andrzej Jastrzębski - tuba;
Jerzy Dunin-Kozicki - drums,

- and also as sideman:
Hans Carling – trumpet (1,4,5,6,8,9,10,12,13)

Ragtime Jazz Band (Polish Jazz Vol.07)

The Traditional Jazz (a.k.a. Trad) is a term describing several Jazz sub-genres, which were stylistically developed mostly in the early 20th Century, and includes a plethora of quite distinct types of music including Ragtime, New Orleans, Dixieland and others. With the development of modern Jazz in the 1950s, a parallel movement of "returning to the roots" swept the Jazz world and a plethora of Trad groups appeared everywhere, including of course the lively Polish Jazz scene. Trad was especially popular with Polish students, and most Polish Trad group originated in the various Universities around the country. Ragtime Jazz Band, formed by cornet player Wladyslaw Dobrowolski in 1962, comprised of student from Warsaw. The septet lineup crystallized rapidly and the group gained popularity first around Poland and later also abroad. It was considered as one of the best Trad bands on the Polish scene and this is their only album. The group managed to enlist the help of excellent Swedish trumpeter Hans Carling, turning the group into an octet for most of the tracks included on the album. The music is all original, composed by the group's members and is absolutely brilliant from start to finish, definitely as good as any such music played at the time around the world. In retrospect it's a real gem and a proud evidence of how good the Polish Jazz scene was at the time. Recommended!

Track listing: 1.RAGTIME’OWY CHŁOPIEC The Ragtime Boy (D. Markiewicz) 3’50; 2.KALOSZ The Galosh ( Dobrowolski) 2’50; 3.RAGTIME-SZCZYPAWKA The Ragtime Earwig (M. Mazur) 1’35; 4.BONGA BONGA (D. Markiewicz) 3’05; 5.W CIEMNYM POKOJU In the Dark Room (W. Dobrowolski) 4’10; 6.BECZKA ŚMIECHU Barrel of Laughs D. Markiewicz) 3’40; 7.U CIOCI NA IMIENINACH My Auni’s Birth-day Party (M. Mazur) 2’25; 8.DZIURAWY PARASOL The Leaky Umbrella (A. Skorupka) 2’50; 9.RAGTIME NA DWIE RĘCE Ragtime for Two Hands (M. Mazur) 2’00; 10.NA TRAMPOLINIE On the Spring-board (W. Dobrowolsky) 3’35; 11.ZAKŁAD WIEWIÓRKI Squirrel’s Shop (M. Mazur) 1’25; 12.MR. CARLING (D. Markiewicz) 3’00; 13.SPACER PO TARGÓWKU AWalkAlongTargówek (W. Dobrowolski); 14.ETIUDA RAGTIME’OWA Ragtime Etude(M. Mazur) 210; 15.JUBILEUSZ Jubilee (D. Markiewicz) 3’30

By Adam Baruch

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