Saturday, March 3, 2012

Akku - 5 (NORCD, 2011)

Akku (band)

Elfi Sverdrup - vocals
Ruth Wilhelmine Meyer - vocals
Lars Andreas Haug - tuba
Grzech Piotrowski - saxophones
Knut Aalefjær - percussion

5 (NORCD, 2011)

AKKU started as a Norwegian trio in 1996. In 2010 the trio became a quintet as the Norwegian percussionist Knut Aalefjær and the polish saxophonist Grzech Piotrowski joined the group and developed the musical language in to AKKU5. The base of their music is the sounds of the northern polar part of the world, like the Inuit female throat singing, Norwegian folk songs and different Siberian traditions with overtone singing among others. The musicians have big variations in their musical background, making AKKU5 a quintet that creates a unique sphere of Nordic music. AKKU have done many concerts in all kinds of festivals: jazz-, folk-, contemporary-, blues- and rock in Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Faroe Islands and Poland. They even made concerts for animals in the zoo of Kristiansand in Norway; witch once more expanded their view on musical communication and soundcolors. 

Written about their debut-album AKKU: “Akku is something so unique, this creative trio compeels the audience to let their hearts take an unexpected leap in the air. This group presents a musical "happening" that they are perhaps alone in”.

Track listing: 1. Havella 4.47; 2. Sun Prayer 0.45; 3. Sun bath. 6.01; 4. Lament for a Monkey 8.15; 5. Woodland Party 2.15; 6. Stev-ange 2.56; 7. Barin 4.47; 8. Anishilokk 3.28; 9. Mountain Song 4.34; 10. Tail 1.37

Samples of music:

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