Saturday, March 17, 2012

Chromosomos - Ultra Project (2001)

Chromosomos (band)

Marcin Bors - git
Artur Dominik - dr
Robert Szydło - bass

Adam Pierończyk - sax, zoucra (1-6)
Artur Majewski - tp (1)
Blanka Mikłaszewska - voc (2)
Venetta Nenova Bogdanowa - voc (1)

Ultra Project (2001)

(Editor) This band is created by rock drummer Artur Dominik. It is a debut recording by this band and though lacking depth and complexity of best jazz bands it compensates with freshness of ideas and enthusiasm. Judging by what they are doing right know (check their YouTube video from recent performance at Sibiu Jazz Festival in Romania) music of this ensemble is constantly evolving becoming more and more interesting...  

"Chromosomos is a Polish ensemble with varied influences, from Balkan and Near Eastern folk music, klezmer, eastern European new music, post-rock, and the funk Jazz fusion of M-Base. Throw in a dash of electric Ornette Coleman, and you start to get the idea. Quite heavy on the virtuoso guitar solo, this project avoids slipping into the quagmire of Jazz-rock fusion by virtue of its intelligent compositions and folk influences. If you enjoy the more rock tinged recordings of Knitting Factory Records you should give this a listen. It is also very well recorded."

Track listing: 1. Chasyd [07:03]; 2. Świrek [06:55]; 3. Spidi [06:07]; 4. Pitbul [07:23]; 5. Tire [11:24];
6. Jascha [09:13]; 7. Tire (trans mix) [01:57]

source: Eric Lewis from JazzNow

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