Sunday, March 25, 2012

Jachna / Buhl - Pan Jabu (Monotype, 2009)

Wojtek Jachna - trumpet

Jacek Buhl- drums, percussion

Pan Jabu (Monotype, 2009)

On "Pan Jabu", Wojtek Jachna plays trumpet, cornet, flugelhorn and electronics, and Jacek Buhl plays drums and percussion. Although Jachna is a guitarist and punk rocker "by education", his trumpet-playing is mainly self-taught and refined by studying with other players. Both musicians add rock and electronic elements in every track, resulting in an atmospheric meditations combined with a sometimes powerful drive. "Nu jazz" if you want. To it's credit, the album does not have the pretense of Nils Petter Molvaer (although his influence is obvious, yet without the Swede's power), nor does it fall into the abyss of commercial sentimentalism like some of the more recent work of Markus Stockhausen or Matthias Eick. It's a pleasant, sometimes even joyful and promising album, although one would have expected more power, anger and creative attack from two musicians who have been active in the alternative, punk and noise scene. 

Track listing: 01 - Welcome Suchary; 02 - Ponad miastem...; 03 - Niezdrowe jedzenie; 04 - Walczyk nad Brdą; 05 - Żegnaj mikrob!!!; 06 - Koczis spotyka blade twarze; 07 - Lunatique; 08 - Niezwyciężony; 09 - Pan Jabu rozmyty; 10 - Wakacje z duchami; 11 - Muzyka dla sumów 

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