Saturday, March 3, 2012

Igor Boxx - Last Party In Breslau (Barcode, 2012)

Igor Boxx 

Last Party In Breslau (Barcode, 2012)

(Editor) Igor Boxx became associated with jazz after his famous remixes of legendary Polish Jazz Series albums released in 2011 (check this post for more info and samples of music). This record contains dancing remixes of songs from his 'Breslau' issued in 2010 and may be described as belonging to intelligent dance music (IDM). To be honest they sound much less interesting than original and if you are a fan of good quality nu jazz (like I am) you may become soon tired by its rehearsal. 

"The 30th of January will mark the day when Igor Boxx releases his 'Last Party in Breslau'. Boxx, one of the two members of the duo Skalpel, is countinuing his adventure with the once German, now Polish town of Wrocław (before called Breslau). Before his 'Breslau'-album was much acclaimed and even released world-wide by the Ninja Tune label.
Now he is back with a modern vision of his beloved metropolis. He will do that with the help of Basia Wrońska (Ballady i Romanse, Pustki), Marcin Cichy (Skalpel), Agim Dzeljilji (Oszibarack) and Magierski, a hip-hop producer (Whitehouse).
- After the war the city was remixed and changed into Wrocław. What was left from the old days was connected with the new. The idea was similiar for this album. It so happens that many of my friends are connected with the city of Wrocław. After the gloomy 'Breslau' we now made an album full of modern, dance-ful club music" - says Boxx."

Track list: 1. Echo of the Red Planet – Igor Boxx & Marcin Cichy feat. Nuno; 2. Alarm – Agim Dżeljilji Remix; 3. Release Party – Igor Boxx feat. Basia Wrońska; 4. Russian Percussion – Elektronz Remix; 5. Street Fighting – Spaso Remix; 6. Last Party in Breslau – Przaśnik Remix; 7. Alarm – Magierski Remix; 8. Borscht – Igor Boxx; 9. Pancer – Dog Trot and The Mashroom Band; 10. Evorevo Party – Evorevo; 11. 1945 – LA Remix; 12. Downfall – Magierski Remix; 13. Tank – Agim Dżeljilji Remix


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