Saturday, March 3, 2012

Pater, Gorzycki, Wojtczak, Urowski - Akineton (Owoc Music, 2012)

Rafał Gorzycki - drums

Irek Wojtczak - saxophones
Kamil Pater - guitar
Paweł Urowski - double bass,

Guest: Maurycy Wojcinski - trumpet

Akineton (Owoc Music, 2012)

This is second release, after dziki 'Dziki Jazz' (2009), of a collective consisting of drummer Rafał Gorzycki, saxophonist Irek Wojtczak, guitarist Irek Wojtczak and double bassist Paweł Urowski. They are accompanied by guest trumpeter Maurycy Wójciński. Moving force between this project is Gorzycki who is key player on our avantgarde scene leading such important bands as Sing Sing Penelope and Ecstasy Project. Other members of the band are connected to famous Contemporary Noise Sextet, Freeyo and other ephemeral free jazz projects. This is kind of artistic community centered around club Mózg located in Bydgoszcz which since yass times is a place where progressive artistic ideas may flourish.

In terms of music this is fully satisfactory album bringing story told in modern jazz language. It sounds captivating and engages listener throughout the whole album. Never shallow and superficial it is not at the same time too chaotic not to be enjoyed by any listener with open ears. Moments of beauty are numerous as much in energetic, up-tempo fragments as in ballads that sounds otherworldly. The album is coherent, clearly well thought-out and marks that this collective has reached state of maturation. Good job! 

Track listing: 1 A-kineton; 2 Bleak sun; 3 Solaris; 4 Dancing Queen; 5 Half Life; 6 Indian Driver; 7 Time For Sheeps And Dogs; 8 The Tree

By Maciej Nowotny

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