Friday, March 9, 2012

Jacek Kochan - New Expensive Head (GOWI, 2003)

Jacek Kochan - drums, bass, keys, samplers, loops,

Cuong Vu - trumpet, trumpet fxs,
Skerik - tenor sax, sax fxs

New Expensive Head (GOWI, 2003)

New Expensive head opens with a bang... .More is more, as with Kochan's 02 release, "Double Life of a Chair" you can tell that Kochans been listening to the ground breaking Norwegian trumpeter Nel Petter Molvaer. In fact for "New Expensive head" Kochan has added Molvaers right-hand man Eivind Aarset to bring his signature sound to the project.

But that's not to say Kochan merely "apes" molvaer's sound...far from it. Kochan is way further out than Molvaer, a somewhat more "difficult listen at times. As with his earlier project "chair" Kochan has brought in a Reed player with a fat, full ripping sound.  On Head its the up and coming Skerik, who clearly has been listening to late period Coltrane as well as Pharoah and Ayler. Its an interesting mix with an avant ripping sax over layers of electronics. This is definitely one of my favorites of late. 

Track listing: 1. More (Kochan); 2. Part Time Vip (Kochan); 3. New Expensive Head (Kochan); 4. Less (Kochan); 5. Nott: Chain of Being (Kochan); 6. Lai-sien-kee (Kochan); 7. Mo Bu (Kochan); 8. Three Dollars Wiser (Kochan); 9. Faast (Kochan); 10. Scout's Inamorata (Kochan)

From another project featuring Dave Liebman showinh however how powerful music of Jacek Kochan is...

By Jay D.

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