Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Buczkowski & Kaluzny - Komeda Inspiracje (2011)

Buczkowski & Kaluzny

Piotr Kałużny - piano
Jarosław Buczkowski - accordion

Komeda Inspiracje (2011)

I like duos as much in music as in life in general. This album was released at the end of last year 2011 but passed entirely unnoticed. That is the pity! Although it features two musicians totally unknown to me, Piotr Kałużny on piano and Jarosław Buczkowski on accordion, and comprises interpretations of so well known compositions of Krzysztof Komeda, it did not bore me at all! On the contrary I was seized by its intimacy, simplicity and straightforwardness. Surely it is nothing groundbreaking but the story is told with enough naturalness to make me feel this music is authentic and sincere. Two souls entwined in close relationship go unhurried from one to another gem of Komeda great compositional talent... I cannot detach myself from it... especially when day turns into night time...

Track listing: 1. Nim wstanie dzien (temat z filmu "Prawo i piesc") 5:18; 2. Kolysanka (temat z filmu "Dwaj ludzie z szafa") 4:22; 3. Ja nie chce spac 5:58; 4. Temat z filmu "Noz w wodzie" 3:04; 5. Start 2:47; 6. Ballada 4:06; 7. Bossa Nova nr 1 (temat z filmu "Ludzie spotykaja sie i mila muzyka rodzi sie w sercach) 4:57; 8. Ballad for Bernt (temat z filmu "Noz w wodzie") 6:23; 9. Kattorna 2:05; 10. Moja ballada (temat z "Do widzenia do jutra") 4:49; 11. Moon Rays (temat z filmu "Pociag") 4:40; 12. Lullaby (temat z filmu "Rosemarys baby") 5:51; 13. Moon Rays (2)

By Maciej Nowotny

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