Sunday, March 11, 2012

KaPeLa Yanina - 2001 (Selles Enterprises, 1999)

KaPeLa Yanina (band)

Janusz YANINA Iwański - guitars, e-bow
Łukasz Kluczniak - alto saxophone
Marcin Lamch - electric bass, double bass
Przemek Pacan - drums

2001 (Selles Enterprises, 1999)

Last year (2011) guitarist Janusz Yanina Iwański released "Free Wave" which was very pleasant surprise and spurred me to go back to his other albums I haven't yet time to listen to. This one issued in 2001 is another fully satisfactory release from this pack of players which gathered together in KaPeLa and support for years more ambitious, rooted in jazz, Janusz Iwański projects. If it appeals to me less than previously mentioned "Free Wave", it is because one may feel in this release strong rock influences (Yanina is also active in this genre as leader of band called Breakout). This unfortunately simplifies music especially as far as rhythm is concerned. Still I am of anopinion that this disc is worth your time to rehearse at least once...  

Track listing: 1. Zabawa w słońcu; 2. KPL 2001; 3. Chorał KPL 1; 4. Y 83; 5. Impressions; 6. Chorał KPL 2; 7. Y 97; 8. Moja siódma klasa

This tune comes from newest release by this band:

By Maciej Nowotny

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