Saturday, March 3, 2012

Pierończyk / Fink/ De Martin - Plastiline Black Sheep (Meta, 2001)

Adam Pieronczyk - soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone

Maurice de Martin - drums, percussion, waterphone
Johannes Fink  -bass

Plastiline Black Sheep (Meta, 2001)

"Maurice de Martin gave his debut some years ago at ENJA with a Knitting Factory recording. One of the most influential artists in Berlin's bustling scene, Martin performs on this recording with Adam Pieronczyk, winner of the "Jazzmusican of Poland" several times over, and Johannes Fink on bass. This fiery trio mixes unusual rhtyhnms and sound conceptions in acoustic improvisation with Ambient, Electro and Drum 'n' Bass flourishes."

Track listing: 1 Chestnut Man Shuffle; 2 Allumer le Feu (To Rene, The Uneasy Rider); 3 Few Minutes in Space; 4 Joki; 5 Exotische Fruechte Der Saison: Papaya; 6 Amygdala Appendix

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