Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Czesław Niemen - Marionetki (Polskie Nagrania, 1972)

Czeslaw Niemen - organ, piano, vocals

Apostolis Anthimos - guitar
Andrzej Przybielski - trumpet
Helmut Nadolski - bass, vocals
Jerzy Piotrowski - drums
Jozef Skrzek - bass, piano, organ, vocals

Marionetki (Polskie Nagrania, 1972)

This is the first Niemen album with the then SBB members. Psychedelic and blues components still here, with jazz and avantgarde elements." Marionetki" is a mournful ballad with church sounding organ and calm trumpet. "Piosenka Dla Zmarłej" starts with floating organ and continues with Niemen's soulful vocal and bluesy guitar of Anthimos. "Z Pierwszych Ważniejszych Odkryc"is a pure hendrixian psychedelic blues. Excellent ! "Ptaszek" is a filler with vocal , upright bass and laughing. "Com Uczynił": Niemen steps in the jazz territory: agressive hammond playing a'la Quatermass and soaring trumpet. Second vinyl begins the "Requiem Dla Van Gogha".This is a pure contemporary piece with reading role of the upright bass, prepared piano and space sounding organ, infuenced by John Cage. "Sariusz" is an another filler. The last "Inicjały" is very Miles Davis- In Silent way sounding, with Niemen's vocal acrobatic. This is very interesting, experimental album. (by fluiddruid)

This album shows a phase of improvisation and psychedelic rock made ​​in the seventies in Poland Psychedelic moments presents a chaotic context, which goes to other moments of pure rock We can hear some jazz improvisation in the context of fusion, mixed with moments ethnic backgrounds, which makes this multifaceted album difficult to appreciate in the first hearings. The lyrics are in Polish and I know your message but the voice is pleasant and is not the main component of this work It is a good time to appreciate jazz fusion and enjoy good times rock, but we have to get used to enjoy these more complex jobs that can only be properly assessed after several auditions. Another great Polish author of Progressive and compulsory for lovers of progressive rock in Eastern Europe, which is high quality and to discover these unique works 4 stars but 4,5 really. (by Joao Paulo)


Tracklisting: 1.Requiem dla Van Gogha, 2.Sariusz, 3.Inicjały, 4.Marionetki, 5.Piosenka dla zmarłej, 6.Z pierwszych ważniejszych odkryć, 7.Ptaszek, 8.Com uczynił

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