Thursday, March 15, 2012

Tomasz Stanko - Music 81 (Polish Jazz Vol. 69, 1982)

Tomasz Stańko - trumpet

Sławomir Kulpowicz - piano
Witold Szczurek - bass
Czesław Bartkowski - drums 

Music 81 (Polish Jazz Vol. 69, 1982)

Like many, among them great Miles Davis, in 80ties Tomasz Stańko looked to popular music for inspiration. Slowly his music was losing its free jazz, Ornettian features to become more and more accessible for average listener. Fortunately Stańko did it in entirely his own, individual way. From first note we know exactly whose trumpet is singing and music remains challenging sounding fresh and engaging regardless 30 years since its recording. 

That is partly due to his partners in this recording. Rhythm section is reliable if somewhat too predictable for my modern taste with Witold Szczurek on bass and Czesław Bartkowski on drums. But Sławomir Kulpowicz on piano is different story: his line is influenced by bop piano masters like Bud Powell, Wynton Kelly and, most of all, McCoy Tyner. Beautifully edged and coarse it counterpoints perfectly Stańko slow yet refined trumpet meanderings. This dialogues between Stańko and Kupowicz are without question main attraction of this disc making it indispensable position for any soul enamored in good jazz.

Track listing: 1. Alusta; 2. Daada; 3. Bushka; 4. Third Heavy Ballad; 5. Ahuha


By Maciej Nowotny

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