Friday, March 30, 2012

NOVI – Bossa Nova (Polish Jazz Vol.13, 1967)

NOVI (band)

Bernard Kawka
Aleksander Gluch
Waldemar Parzyński
Janusz Mych
Ewa Wanat

Bossa Nova (Polish Jazz Vol.13, 1967)

This is the debut album by the sensational Polish vocal quartet NOVI, which was one of the greatest Polish Jazz acts in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Continuing the tradition of Jazz vocalese groups like the French Les Double Six and Swingle Singers, NOVI expanded the borders further on into more experimental areas and used more instrumental backing, provided the best Polish Jazz musicians at the time. The quartet was led by singer / arranger / composer Bernard Kawka and included also the incredible female vocalist Ewa Wanat and two additional male vocalists Janusz Mych and Waldemar Parzynski. All the singers were also capable instrumentalists. Together they created beautiful vocal harmonies of exceptional sophistication and unique style, unparalleled to this day. On this album they performed all original material, composed by all three male singers with Kawka responsible for six of the fourteen tunes and the incredible arrangements turning everything into a distinctive NOVI vocal signature. This is definitely one of the most unique Polish Jazz acts and an absolute must for every vocal jazz connoisseur!

Track listing: 1. Brownie; 2. Cichy wieczór; 3. Żółty słoń; 4. Trzeba wracać; 5. Nastroje małych misiów; 6. Dwa po dwa; 7. Następny proszę; 8. Pyzate słoneczniki; 9. Jak powrócić do tej chwili; 10. Mini dziewczyna; 11. Bariera uczuć; 12. GOGO; 13. Król Salomon; 14. Tańczące orzechy

By Adam Baruch

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