Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Marcin Oles & Bartlomiej Brat Oles w/ Theo Jorgensmann - Directions (Fenomedia, 2005)

Marcin Oles & Bartlomiej Brat Oles w/ Theo Jorgensmann

Theo Jorgensmann - basset clarinet
Marcin Oles - double bass
Bartłomiej Brat Oles - drums

Directions (Fenomedia, 2005)

From an artistic point of view, every meeting and opportunity to co-operate
with such an original and creative musician as Theo Jörgensmann brings a new and exciting experience. The level of musical understanding between
ourselves surprised us once more whilst recording this, our second collaboration in the studio, having earlier created the Miniatures album by the trio Oleś| Jörgensmann | Oleś. 

To quote Theo Jörgensmann: – The new improvised music is not based on
a relation between the sound and the form, but on a balance of tempo and the direction of the movement, in other words on the developing of musical action. Figurations and abstractions are elements which have equal 
rights with rhythm and tempo in full spectrum contemporary improvised music, as characterized first of all by the art of shaping musical space-time. 

The creating of improvised music consists of noticing all aspects of its development, obtaining inspiration not only from the black roots of jazz but also contemporary and concert music from across the entire rich variety of ethnic music. This enables jazz 
to travel new courses and flow in different directions. 

Everyone who lets themselves enter 
the music will hear how many different directions it follows. 

Track listing: 1. Alpha-Beta-Blanka; 2. Per Rata; 3. January 5; 4. Giuffree; 5. Aesthetic Direction; 6. Zen deTractorist; 6. Parbat; 7. Byway; 8. Voices of the trees 

By Marcin & Bartłomiej Brat Oleś

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