Friday, March 2, 2012

Piotr Lemanczyk feat. David Kikoski - Guru (Soliton. 2012)

Piotr Lemańczyk - bass 

Dave Kikoski - piano
Maciej Sikała - tenor sax
Maciej Fortuna - trumpet
Cezary Konrad - drum

Guru (Soliton. 2012) 

"All that happened here was like touching the primeval energy out of which everything has originated; touching the mystery of the thought exchange and the meeting of two personalities. Like a little drop of water makes the ocean, a true artist’s biggest happiness is to keep company with artists that are greater than himself. 

I remember how some years ago I was invited to cooperate with David’s group. I felt happy and honoured. Feeling a sense of responsibility I got immersed in my work. Everything is in motion and nothing lasts forever- as the philosopher would say. I have become a different man. I absorbed and admired his playing. And so it is today. I learned how to perceive music to see its value, beauty, wisdom and freedom. I consolidated all that my intuition and residual knowledge used to tell me then. David is one of the most important musicians I have ever met. 

Maciek Sikała is my musical father. Our co-operation dates back to 1998 and he was the first one to lend me a hand. We have recorded some wonderful albums and played many concerts together. His playing is always beautiful and infallible. He is a top class musician. Cezary Konrad is the drum virtuoso I love to play with. Versatile, sensitive and vigilant. Workig with him is a great pleasure and honour. Maciek Fortuna who plays the trumpet is a wonderful young generation trumpeter who enriched our music with the beautiful sound and interesting solos."        

Track listing: 01 - Guru 6:23; 02 - For M.S. 6:12; 03 - In your Own Sweet Way 8:47; 04 - On The Inner 6:03; 05 - Home Pictures 8:13; 06 - You Don't Know What Love Is 6:57; 07 - Tryng The Blue One 5:36; 08 - Guru (altern. take) 6:13

By Piotr Lemańczyk
(taken from notes on the album)

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