Thursday, March 29, 2012

Jerzy Milian – Orkiestra Rozrywkowa PRiTV W Katowicach (Polish Jazz Extended Vol.92, 1975)

Jerzy Milian - Conductor, Vibraphone

Orkiestra Rozrywkowa PRiTV W Katowicach (1975)

This album presents the veteran Polish Jazz vibraphonist / composer / bandleader Jerzy Milian as the founder / director / conductor of the Polish Radio and TV Orchestra in the southern Polish region of Silesia (with its capital in Katowice). This Orchestra, comprising of young musicians, mostly from the Jazz Department of the local Music Conservatory, perform original music which includes also two of Milian's compositions. Although only marginally Jazz, it is a great example of how Jazz musicians were able to find jobs in the Socialist System, playing original music. The Orchestra also includes a vocal combo, which sings in some of the tunes, stylistically resembling the famous Polish vocal ensemble NOVI. In retrospect this music is certainly not a Polish Jazz milestone recording, but is still quite fun to listen to after all these years and certainly a document of the era.

Track listing: 1. Waleczny Biedron; 2. Niedzielne Popoludnie; 3. Sloneczna Podroz; 4. Kung To Jest To; 5. Biala Magia; 6. Nie Widzisz A Widzisz; 7. Autostrada Pelna Slonca; 8. Astrobolid; 9. Nie Martw Sie O Wianek; 10. Z Nuta W Herbie; 11. Hop, Zdzis Dzis; 12. Przyjdz Z Jesienia

By Adam Baruch

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