Sunday, March 4, 2012

Grzegorz Nagorski - Dedication (BCD Records, 2008)

Grzegorz Nagórski - trombone

Łukasz Żyta - drums
Paweł Tomaszewski - piano
Andrzej Święs - double bass

Dedication (BCD Records, 2008)

There is much difference between being "old-school" and "old-fashioned". Trombonist Grzegorz Nagorski may be best described by this second adjective as he seems to somehow ignoring what has happened in jazz since 70 or 80ties XXth century. On the other hand one must admit that within his "old-fashioned" language this record sounds very attractive and performances are absolutely stunning. I feel a bit ashamed to confess that regardless its limitations I tend to return to this recording quite often and have pure pleasure while listening to it... 

Track listing: 1.Changes 5:39; 2.Dedication 5:53; 3.Aleksandra 6:53; 4.Latino 7:48; 5.RIO 1992 3:40; 6.Like Shirley 5:05; 7.Inspired by M.B. 5:45; 8.N.Y.C. Waltz 6:17; 9.Waltz For My Mom 2:48

Tune from "Over And Over", the next album by Grzegorz Nabórski Quartet. As title suggests little changes take place in this band music from one album to the other so this tune may be treated as  representative for previous recordings of Nagórski as well:

By Maciej Nowotny

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