Thursday, October 20, 2011

Grzegorz Nagorski Quartet - Over And Over (Fonografika, 2011)

Grzegorz Nagórski Quartet (band)

Grzegorz Nagórski - tormbone
Paweł Tomaszewski - piano
Andrzej Świes - double bass
Łukasz Żyta - drums

Over And Over (Intro Music, 2011)

Grzegorz Nagórski is an educator teaching jazz in Music Academy in Warsaw. His proficiency on trombone is beyond question and on his recordings he usually gathers around himself equally virtuoso musicians. This recording is not exception: pianist Paweł Tomaszewski (guess why he is nicknamed "Herbie"), bassist Andrzej Święs and drummer Łukasz Żyta are among the brightest stars in Polish jazz. It is therefore no surprise that music is brilliantly executed and it is a pure pleasure to listen to this elegant muse even if it brings nothing new to the language of jazz. Finally, let me notice that a situation of trombone in Polish jazz does not look bad at all because just recently I have listened to three quality releases featuring trombonist as a leader: this one by Grzegorz Nagórski, "Unspoken Words" by Michał Tomaszczyk's band Biotone and "Enthuzjazzm" by Grzegorz Rogala. It is comforting that these three albums bring different music, cool jazz, hard bop and folk jazz respectively, and only, as usual, I do regret that there is not in this "trombone parade in Polish jazz" any trombone blowing a little more free and avantgarde notes...

Check an excellent tune titled "Shadows from this album:

Author: Maciej Nowotny

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