Monday, October 17, 2011

Piotr Zaczek - Balboo (Borzym Music, 2011)

Piotr Żaczek - electric bass guitar

Adam Bałdych - electric violin
Maciej „Kocin” Kociński - saxophone
Marcin „Mały” Górny - synths &samplers
Grzegorz „Jabco Jabloński” - keyboard, piano
Robert Luty - drums

David Fuze Fiuczyński - guitar
Leszek Możdżer - piano
Jahiar Azim Irani - vocal, santur
Grzegorz Piotrowski - duduk

Balboo (Borzym Music, 2011)

(Editor) This album really surprised me positively! Close to fusion or jazz-rock stylistics as impersonated by such great bass guitarist like Marcus Miller it goes further because in its language are gracefully incorporated free jazz influences. Retaining its communicative and dance-like character this is simply good piece of entertainment. Please read review posted on Piotr Żaczek webpage. I do it rarely but in this case I agree with every word of it. 

This is one of the most awesome CDs I have reviewed in a long time. Piotr Zaczek is a Polish bass player. With a few bass guitars and fellow musicians, armed with a huge collection of samplers and sound effects, he creates music that is both breath-taking and totally eccentric, yet never fails to maintain an infectious catchiness.
Zaczek creates his unique mix using Eastern European and Middle Eastern instruments and vocals. He will sustain a harp sample or bass riff all the way through a track while the different beat patterns and sheets of sound keep rolling on underneath. This is how Zaczek makes you go from one surprise to the next: with a mix of rap samples, snippets of jazz wafting by, unstoppable thundering beats, and extraterrestrial soundscapes. And on occasion, all that with some ten bass guitars playing at the same time.

Check sample of music from this album:

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