Thursday, October 27, 2011

Light Coorporation – Rare Dialect (ReR Megacorp, 2011) by Adam Baruch

Light Coorporation (band)
Mariusz Sobański - guitars
Michal Fetler - baritone saxophone, alto saxophone
Michal Pijewski - tenor saxophone
Robert Bielak - violin
Tom Struk - fretless bass
Milosh Krauz - drums

Rare Dialect (ReR Megacorp, 2011)

This debut album by Polish ensemble Light Coorporation is a stunning revelation of musical genius present among the new generation of European musicians. Led by guitarist / composer Mariusz Sobanski, who composed all the music, the ensemble also includes saxophonists Michal Fetler (baritone and alto) and Michal Pijewski (tenor), violinist Robert Bielak, bassist Tom Struk (fretless bass) and drummer Milosh Krauz. Keyboardist Marcin Szczesny sits in as a guest musician. The music is a completely unique brand of RIO / avant-garde Prog, which is deeply rooted in the beginning of the movement (Henry Cow) but successfully updated to contemporary standards, both sonically and conceptually. Superbly matched and combined acoustic sounds of the reeds and electronic distortion from the guitar and keyboards, hypnotic rhythmic patters (similar to the Zeuhl movement) and dark melodic vistas create an overwhelming effect, which is completely fresh and unparalleled. Considering the fact that these are very young individuals and this is their debut recording one must wander about the possibilities of these gifted musicians in the future. No wander the prestigious ReR label released this album worldwide, especially since this kind of material suits their catalogue as a glove. On the band's site we can learn that their performances are usually accompanied by screening of video material, which seems highly appropriate, as this music has a very strong atmospheric / ambient content as well, which is usually ideal to be combined with visual material. But listening "only" to the music is also an immensely powerful and invigorating experience of rare magnificence and depth. I listened to the album for three consecutive times, being completely enchanted by it. I'm pretty sure the same will happen to most of the listeners. Of course such music requires repeated listening sessions to be discovered and uncovered in depth – as all great music does. It is rather obvious that this music is well beyond being recommended – it would (literally) be a crime if any serious music lover, regardless is he's a Prog or Jazz or RIO or Zeuhl fan if he was to miss this album! Such gems are so rare, that we must make everything in our power to make the world listen, especially since I can't recall hearing such great music in a very long time! This is a brilliant piece of intelligent music - chapeau Mariusz & co.

(Editor) Sample of their music played live: 

Author: Adam Baruch
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