Saturday, October 15, 2011

Kamil Szuszkiewicz - Prolegomena (Slowdownrecords, 2011)

Kamil Szuszkiewicz - trumpet
Marcin Ułanowski - drums
Kuba Cichocki - upright piano
Wojtek Traczyk - double bass
Marcin Gańko - baritone saxophone
Tomasz Duda - baritone saxophone

Prolegomena (Slowdownrecords, 2011)

That Kamil Szuszkiewicz is great talent in Polish music I've been convinced for a long time. Unlike many critics is this country who obviously are excellent in establishing crucial (and well-paid) positions in Polish media & show business I am simple blogger and my main focus is music. I look for good music, all other issues are secondary. So I've seen Szuszkiewicz being like "crouching tiger, hidden dragon" among Polish young musicians and I've been waiting patiently when his time will come. The snow ball has been growing slowly which is evidenced even on this blog by albums like "Kapacitron" (2009), "Be Like A Child" (2009) or recently outstanding "Chopin Chopin Chopin" (2011) in which he took (significant) part as a sideman.  And now we have his debut under his own name so it is the time to ask a question whether all these promises are fulfilled...?...
Music on the album may be called free but not in form but in spirit. This overall form is well though-out, planned, carefully prepared but at the same time there is enough place left for musicians  to display spontaneity, creativity and bravery of the highest caliber. Moreover regardless its refined form the music remains communicative and relatively easy to listen! Rooted as well in free jazz idiom as in avantgarde classics of XXth century and... in indie pop or rock... it is as much continuation as something completely new... Moody, brooding, bluesy it has all coarse beauty of good modern art, be it painting, sculpture, photography, film or literature. It will fit perfectly as musical commentary to crazy politics of year 2011 with its bankrupting states, compromised politicians, crumbling traditions.
When we look at the cast we discover that along with the leader playing on trumpet, we find here creme-de-creme of young musicians responsible for sudden renaissance of jazz avantgarde in Warsaw in recent years: Wojtek Traczyk (double bass), Marcin Ułanowski (drums), Kuba Cichocki (upright piano), Tomasz Duda  and Marcin Gańko on baritone saxophones. These new wave of young, creative, open and very well educated musicians will alter completely what is the landscape of Polish jazz in years to come...

Promo - Kamil Szuszkiewicz "Prolegomena":

Author: Maciej Nowotny

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