Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Contemporary Noise Quartet - Theatre Play Music (Electric Eye, 2008)

I became great fan of Contemporary Noise Sextet (CNS) after their two first albums "Pig Inside Gentleman" (2006) and "Unaffected Thought Flow" (2008) and though their last recording "Ghostwriter's Joke" left me little less enthusiastic, I am still of the opinion that CNS is one of the most interesting young bands in Polish jazz alongside Pink Freud, Sing Sing Penelope or Levity. Their jazz is tending to be close to film music, nu jazz, punk rock even. It is communicative, catchy, narrative - built of simple elements but certainly not banal.

"Theatre Play Music" (2010) was the only their album I did not yet listened to on the basis that I rarely find theatre music satisfactory. However this disc is exception to that rule: it's coherent and rewarding itself as separate soundtrack not linked with theatrical performance. BTW it was composed to accompany play titled "Miłość ci wszystko wybaczy" directed by Przemysław Wojcieszek and given in Warsaw's Teatr Polonia.

There is also one more reason to check this record, especially for all those already acquainted with CNS music because this is their only album in quartet format without horn section (Wojtek Jachna - trumpet, Tomasz Glazik - tenor sax). As a result music performed by Kuba Kapsa (piano), Bartek Kapsa (drums), Kamil Pater (gitara) and Patryk Węcławek (double bass) sounds especially fresh, less lavish but more elegant, suggestive, other-worldly. Must-listen for all CNS fans... 

Author: Maciej Nowotny (http://polish-jazz.blogspot.com/)
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