Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Biotone – Unspoken Words (SJ Records, 2011) by Adam Baruch

Biotone (band)
Michał Tomaszczyk - trombone
Przemysław Florczak - saxophone
Andrzej Zielak - double bass
Sebastian Kuchczyński - drums

Unspoken Words (SJ Records, 2011)

(Editor) Adam Baruch (check his music boutique writes favourable review of debut album by trombonist Michał Tomaszczyk...

This is the debut album by Polish Jazz quartet Biotone, led by trombonist Michal Tomaszczyk, who also wrote all the music present herein. The other members of the quartet are saxophonist Przemyslaw Florczak, bassist Andrzej Zielak and drummer Sebastian Kuchczynski. These four young musicians are all typical examples of the new generation, which is slowly establishing themselves on the, rather crowded one must say, Polish Jazz scene. This scene was always exploding with talent and is now overflowing, unfortunately not being developed enough, dynamic enough and flexible enough to contain all that incredible influx of talent flowing in at an ever increasing pace. One must admire Tomaszczyk for his self-confidence, as a trombone-led quartet is a very uncommon phenomenon in Jazz history. Even the greatest trombonists were usually satisfied with the role of a sideman, but Tomaszczyk boldly presents his approach, and shows us all an upper hand. The quartet has a fresh, well balanced sound and all the members play excellently throughout. The rhythm section is inventive and fully participates in the music-making process together with the two front soloists. The compositions are also very good, both melodically and rhythmically, presenting an interesting compositional palette, which at this stage already shows individuality and character. But of course the key point of the album is the solo work of the leader, who manages to make the most of his difficult and often ungrateful instrument. His performances are absolutely first class from top to bottom and as someone, who has a lot of trombone "mileage" (after producing several trombone-centered albums) I can definitely say this is first class work and more importantly a great promise for the future. Altogether a superb debut, worth investigating!

Please listen to "Another Space" from this album:

Author: Adam Baruch

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