Thursday, October 6, 2011

Gos / Wojtczak - Jebal was pies (Sopocka Odessa Records, 2010)

Michał Goś - drums
Irek Wojtczak - saxophone

Jebał Was pies (Sopocka Odessa Records, 2010)

In 2009 trio Michał Goś (drums), Irek Wojtczak (saxophone) and Wojtek Mazolewski (double bass) recorded "Freeyo" (read post about this album to learn more about musicians), an excellent piece of free and improvised jazz, which was warmly received throughout Poland. Big chunk of interest from media as well as from public it owed to the presence of Wojtek Mazolewski who is one of the stars of Polish avantgarde music (check for example his latest "Monster Of Jazz" or "Smells Like Tape Spirit").
This CD looks like continuation of that project in duo format and though at least satisfactory in artistic terms it revealed to be disaster from commercial point of view. The reason is Wojtek Mazolewski withdrawal as well as title of this album which may be translated "Fuck You Dogs". It was very naive on artists' side to believe that album with such a title would be warmly received by distributors and shops. And it wasn't! Few months after its premiere in Autumn 2010 musicians announced that they managed to sell all 12 copies. I believe that their only consolation is that in that way they probably established new record worthy to be put among Guinness records.
In my opinion it is however great pity since music on this album deserves attention: spacious, deep, creative, it brings to its listener engaging dialogues between two very talented musicians. I look forward to their next projects hoping that next time they will show more professionalism in planning marketing side of their undertakings.
Check this video for sample of music from this album:

Gos / Wojtczak "Jebał Was Pies" Live

Gos/Wojtczak | Myspace Music Videos

Author of text: Maciej Nowotny

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