Monday, October 29, 2012

Imagination Quartet – Imagination Quartet (2011)

Michal Soltan - guitar
Damian Pinkowski - saxophone
Dariusz Switalski - bass
Maciej Dziedzic - drums


By Adam Baruch

This is the excellent eponymous debut album by the young Polish Jazz-Rock / Fusion group Imagination Quartet, which comprises of guitarist Michal Soltan, saxophonist Damian Pinkowski, bassist Dariusz Switalski and drummer Maciej Dziedzic. The album includes eleven original compositions, seven by Soltan, two by Dziedzic, one co-composed by these two and one credited to the entire quartet.

The group's music is an interesting mixture of Fusion and Modern Jazz, which allows for a wider degree of freedom in the improvisation than the rigid constraints of straight-forward Fusion. As a result the album is full of surprisingly interesting moments and unexpected ventures. In spite of the fact that these are young and relatively inexperienced musicians, the level of performance and stylistic sophistication is quite surprising. That, combined with some first-rate compositions and the youthful vigor turns this album into a most pleasurable listening experience. As usual, most of the solo performances are by the two front-men (guitar and sax), but the members of the rhythm section get some splendid opportunities to shine as well.

As far as debut albums go, this is definitely a very promising one, which will hopefully be followed by more mature statements on the future. Judging by the overall excellent level of this release, Imagination Quartet has all the necessary ingredients to make things happen.

This album is recommended to all Fusion fans, which are open-minded enough to accept a different approach to the genre, which digs deeper than most contemporary releases on the scene. Definitely worth investigation!

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