Sunday, May 17, 2020

Loud Jazz Band - Live In Oslo (2020)

Loud Jazz Band

Mirosław Kaczmarczyk - guitar
Paweł Kaczmarczyk - piano
Wojciech Staroniewicz - saxophone
Paweł Pańta - bass
and others

Live In Oslo

LJB 010

By Adam Baruch

As the title suggests, this is a live recording celebrating the 30th anniversary of the multi-national Jazz-Rock Fusion ensemble called Loud Jazz Band, founded and led by Polish guitarist/composer Mirosław Kaczmarczyk. The nonet lineup, which is captured on this album, includes also trombonist Oyvind Braekke, saxophonist Wojciech Staroniewicz, pianist Paweł Kaczmarczyk, bassist Paweł Pańta, drummer Ivan Makedonov, percussionist Kenneth Ekornes and pedal steel guitar player Kjetil Roysland. The concert presents the ensemble performing five original compositions, all by the leader.

The music of the Loud Jazz Band is a highly polished, melodic and mostly lyrical Jazz-Rock Fusion, with a well balanced ratio between the more Jazz oriented brass solos and more Rock oriented guitar and keyboard solos, supported by a superbly slick and well oiled rhythm section. The compositions get expanded treatments, which allow for all the ensemble members to show off their chops. The band is obviously one of the best of its kind in Europe, definitely more ambitious and sophisticated than most. It is a real pleasure to hear this band in action, especially in view of the superb solos performed in the duration, which spice the proceedings enormously.

Although Fusion is usually quite a limited idiom musically, the Loud Jazz Band consistently manage to prove that with talent and right attitude Fusion can be exciting, interesting and intelligent. The combination of the electric Rock elements and the Big Band Jazz sound they create is unique and remains completely relevant, now in their fourth decade of activity. Although the music on this album was released previously on the band's studio albums, these live renditions are definitely worth hearing. Overall this is, as usual, an excellent album and for Fusion and Jazz fans a highly recommended piece of excellent music, which yields nothing but pure delight!

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