Friday, November 4, 2016

Artur Tuźnik Trio – Artur Tuźnik Trio (2016)

Artur Tuźnik Trio

Artur Tuźnik - piano
Nils Bo Davidsen - double bass
Jakob Hoyer - drums

Artur Tuźnik Trio


By Adam Baruch

This is a debut album as a leader by young Polish (resident in Copenhagen) pianist/composer Artur Tuźnik, recorded in a classic piano trio format which also includes two Danish musicians: bassist Nils Bo Davidsen and drummer Jakob Hoyer. The album presents nine tracks, all of which are original composition by Tuznik. The album was recorded at the excellent RecPublica Studios and offers excellent sound quality.

The music presents a remarkably mature set of compositions, which although based on melodic themes, are beautifully open and unrestrained. It is pretty amazing to find such young musicians playing in such challenging musical environment and of course this album immediately sets an example to a whole generation of young pianists, which clearly points towards what can be achieved and what should be played, even at the very early stages of a Jazz career. For Polish music connoisseurs and aficionados the challenge here is to discover the hidden clues of the influence of Frederic Chopin on this music.

Tuznik is an outstanding piano player, a fact that becomes clear after just a few notes. His self-confidence and imagination take over the music and lead it securely towards an open-minded expressionism, full of lyricism and emotion regardless of the free form and uneven rhythmic patterns. Of course every piano trio is only as good as its members and Tuźnik definitely found ideal partners herein, who are willing to share his openness and exploration based modus operandi, improvising together without giving up their individuality. This trio is definitely way beyond the concept of a piano and a rhythm section – it is a fully organic ensemble which creates music symbiotically.

I suppose such music making is only possible in Europe, where the minds of the young Jazz musicians have not been mercilessly blunted by overexposure to American mainstream, which completely smothers individuality and progress. Such wonderful creativity and forward-thinking as present on this album is an antidote to everything the American Jazz tradition is trying desperately to cling to.

This is definitely one of the most impressive Polish Jazz recordings of 2016 and a stunning debut effort in every respect. One can only wish that more young musicians will follow the path set by this album, which will make true music lovers exceedingly happy. It is a rare combination of talent, vision and the courage to stand behind ones choices and decisions, which again points out the maturity of the musicians involved.

Polish Jazz is not only alive and kicking, but slowly starts to spread all over Europe and get incorporated into the new fabric of young European Jazz, which bridges Warsaw, Berlin, Copenhagen, Oslo and other European cities where young European music students are brewing the Jazz we will enjoy in the years to come. Hats off!

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