Sunday, August 12, 2012

(0-58) - Tryby (2003)

(0-58) - band

Krystyna Stańko - vocal
Maciej Grzywacz - guitars
Cezary Paciorek - accordion
Piotr Lemańczyk - bass
Marcin Jahr - drums

special guest: Paul Ruschka - voice
/Joachim Leusmann - text

Tryby (2003)

Band called 0-58 (beginning of phone numbers in Tri City) does not exist any more. Pity. It consisted of first rate musicians: Maciej Grzywacz on guitars, Cezary Paciorek on accordion and excellent rhythm section in persons of double bassist Piotr Lemańczyk and drummer Marcin Jahr. Main role however was played by a vocalist Krystyna Stańko and it is in my humble opinion her best album ever. She sounds self-assured, her articulation is immaculate, voice clear and deep. Also texts she sings are far from trivial. This is her by far most "free" album I know and in such a set up her talent shone brightly. All in all, it is really worthy to give this album second chance, especially since it is now available full for free for rehearsal online...

Track listing:
1. Tryby
2. Z natury proste
3. Słowa na pył
4. Na głos
5. Gdy zapytam
6. Kto szuka?
7. Zernik
8. Znaleźć cel

By Maciej Nowotny

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