Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Atom String Quartet - Places (Kayax, 2012) by Maciej Nowotny

Atom String Quartet

Dawid Lubowicz - violin
Mateusz Smoczyński - violin
Michał Zaborski - viola
Krzysztof Lenczowski - cello

Places (Kayax, 2012)

Since their triumph in Bielska Zadymka Jazzowa festival Atom String Quartet has made big impact on Polish jazz scene, perhaps the biggest of all new (and excellent) young bands that so sbundantly come in recent years to our jazz scene. They were awarded prestigious Fryderyk Prize for best debutante of year 2011 and in year 2012 issued this album titled "Places". In purely muscial terms it brings exactly the same music as their first "Fade in" (2011). Out of 10 tunes 4 were present on previous recording and among them are some of most charismatic of all songs like "Fugato & Allegrina" or "Fade out". But it is nevertheless really worthy to rehearse this album especially if you did not have apportunity to listen to "Fade in". And "Fade in" was not in commercial circulation as it was only available to subscribers of Jazz Forum magazine. Released by Polish major label Kayax which deals with all kind of music this CD may now reach wider audience and it should be appreciated. 

By Maciej Nowotny

Track listing:
1. Na Siedem (Dawid Lubowicz) 5:35
2. Irish Pub (Krzysztof Lenczowski) 5:13
3. Iława (Krzysztof Lenczowski) 7:28
4. Fugato & Allegrina (Krzysztof Lenczowski/Mateusz Smoczyński) 6:30
5. Too Late (Michał Zaborski) 6:40
6. LaTina (Krzysztof Lenczowski) 3:45
7. Spain (Chick Corea arr. Krzysztof Lenczowski) 5:29
8. Song for Mario (Krzysztof Lenczowski) 6:12
9. Zakopane (Mateusz Smoczyński) 7:27
10. Fade Out (Michał Zaborski) 5:42

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