Sunday, August 12, 2012

Marek Jakubowicz - Feelings (Multikulti, 2012)

Marek Jakubowicz – Guitar

Marcin Oleś – Double bass
Cecylia Matysik-Ignys – Harp
Axmo – Vocal

Feelings (Multikulti, 2012)

This album comes as a surprise! Marcin Oleś is a double bassist who up to this moment was associated with top free jazz and avantgarde projects in Polish jazz. This is his first (at least as far as I know) trip outside this genre since this music is nothing else than smooth jazz. This was really very brave or even risky decision by Oleś! But with this recording Marcin proves that his talent can shine in every set-up, even in esthetics which is mostly identified with shallow, simplified and uninspiring sounds. Certainly it is not as challenging as Oleś albums recorded with Theo Jorgensmann, Kenny Werner, Chris Speed or Rudi Mahall. Yet Oleś dialogues with guitarist Marek Jakubowicz supported by harpist Cecylia Matysik-Ignys and vocalist nicknamed Axmo are elegant and engaging. The strongest side of this album is beauty of the sound: it is deep, refined, careful. Though I am not a  fan of smooth jazz I must admit this CD is one of best efforts on this field in Polish music in recent years along with, for example, "Art of Silence" (2001) by Slow. 

Full album available for rehearsal:

By Maciej Nowotny

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