Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Jazzpospolita - Impulse (2012)

Jazzpospolita (band)

Stefan Nowakowski – bass
Wojtek Oleksiak – drums
Michał Przerwa-Tetmajer – guitar
Michał Załęski – keyboard

Impulse (2012)

The Warsaw-based band releases their second album - a rare blend of classical and futuristic sounds. Impulse, released in February 2012, is a set of freely improvised, harmonically and rhythmically strong songs appealing to traditional jazz aficionados, as well as fans of post-rock and ambitious pop music. The new album is rich in guitar reverberations, overdrive sounds, delays and harmonic progressions.

Jazzpo, as they are known to their loyal fans, is a popular group of four young highly skilled musicians: Stefan Nowakowski, Wojtek Oleksiak, Michał Przerwa-Tetmajer,Michał Załęski. Emblematic of a rich Polish jazz heritage, their music shows an appreciation for the traditional and a taste for experimentation. They uniquely blend of nu-jazz, electronica and melodic themes. "Our inspirations are so varied it’s sometimes hard to understand how the four of us play so well together!" they say.

Since the 2010 release of Almost Splendid – a critically acclaimed album fussing classical and more imaginative melodies, the jazz quartet Jazzpospolita performed nearly one hundred concerts. They played at Open'er festivals, Men Playing/ Męskie Granie, Jazz Jantar, Garan Jazz Festival in Romania, and figured in the same line-up as Bonobo during their tour of Poland. The musicians state "We started to play live what progressively set a new, sharper sound. (…)". The album emanates their increased confidence and experience.


Track listing:
1 03:09 Co Myslisz O Wandalizmie?
2 04:09 Czerwona Flaga (Ale Ja Sie Kapie)
3 07:23 Pasazer U-Boota
4 05:18 Pobudzenie
5 05:08 Ciezkie Powietrze
6 04:59 Grzyb
7 07:17 Nigdy Nie Pada Na Gornym Mokotowie
8 08:32 Protest Song?

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