Sunday, August 12, 2012

Robotobibok - Nawyki przyrody (2005)

Robotobibok (band)

Artur Majewski – trąbka, el. piano
Maciej Bączyk – gitara, ARP Odyssey
Marcin Ożóg – kontrabas
Kuba Suchar – perkusja, MiniMoog

Nawyki przyrody (2005)

(Editor) One of the most interesting bands of Polish post-yass scene. Their third album after equally succesful "Jogging" (2000) and "Instytut Las" (2003). Obligatory!

Third studio album from Robotobibok explores the paths previously stablished by the band in an even more concise, concentrated way. That is to say, a complex reflection on droning both in terms of recent times electronica scene and jazz as a deconstructed genre. Somehow, the hypnotic and voluptous rhythms from their first album "Jogging" and the ethereal mood from "Instytut Las" are here combined to once again deliver this form of music that talks both about the sampler philosophy of modern electronic music (that is, to make the exact cut and create a brief abstract of a musical idea, powerful enough to say everything with a minimum of invested language) and the live, physical dimension of jazz music as genre. But this time, the electronic elements are much more in front as a genre on its own, as can be heard in the opening track, for example. This is a modern jazz album that nevertheless deals with classic jazz effortlesly, creating a unique mix and rich dialogue between source of inspiration and digital interpretation of it. Lovely, exciting album, dense at times but not at all hard on the ears. Unless of course you don't like that sampler philosophy which here, although not present as a disturbing element, will not be appealling to those reluctant to such genres as Trip Hop or Drum and Bass. Of course, those who like such genres will certainly smile from the very first second. Within those parameters, a must have (by cuncuna).

Tracks Listing
1 Kamagi 5:12
2 Symfonia Zmysłów 3:40
3 54 Kw 6:50
4 Skipping A 4:48
5 100000 Lat Gwarancji 4:56
6 Tylko dla Zwierząt 4:07
7 Zemsta Gniewosza 3:07
8 Skipping C 4:20
9 Jurij 3:58

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