Sunday, August 12, 2012

Zooplan - Animarium (2012)

Zooplan (duo)

Michał Górczyński - clarinet, bass clarinet
Patryk 'TikTak' Matela - human beatbox, live electronics

Animarium (2012)

Zooplan is a duo of human beatboxer Patryk 'TikTak' Matela and clarinetist Michał Górczyński. Górczyński has already distinguished himself on recordings by Mikołąj Trzaska's Ircha Clarinet Quartet, Marcin Masecki's Profesjonalizm or in band called Cukunft. All these ensambles constitute what is best in young Polish experimental music. As far as this CD is concerned I appreciate it for  bravery and creativity. And I despise it for lack of direction, chaos and immaturity. There is too little music here and too much tomfoolery and buffonery. It is especially sad to see musician of Górczyński calibre to waste his time on such insignificant trifle. Perhaps I am wrong and this eccentricity would lead him somewhere in future but for the time being it seems to be just a dead end...

Track listing:
1. Start, Stop
2. 4 i 3
3. Klarnet Mapa
4. Słodycz
5. Pociąg w Mieście Poznań
6. Stolica
7. Odkurzacz i Myszy
8. A Teraz Wszyscy Razem

By Maciej Nowotny

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