Thursday, August 23, 2012

Bothur Skolik Kowalewski Trio - Ramblin (Multikulti, 2012)

Bothur Skolik Kowalewski Trio

Jarek Bothur - tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, clarinet
Arek Skolik - drums, percussion
Adam Kowalewski - bass

Ramblin (Multikulti, 2012)

I am often whimsical as far as new mainstream jazz recordings are concerned. I complain about recurrence of chords, melodies, themes so redundant that make their rehearsal best pillow for sleep rather than music compelling someone to dance, to bouce, to live. Therefore when I looked at this album's tracklist comprising all standards, from Ornette Coleman's "Round Trip" through Billy Strayhorn's  "Chelsea Bridge" to Thelonius Monk's "Ligh Blue", all so well known, I was very afraid about what this music would be. Why afraid? Because I very much respect all musicians of whom this trio consists:  young saxophonist Jarek Bothur whose debut disc "Lilla Chezquiz" (2010) made a very good impression on me and a dream-team rhythm section consisting of veteran doublebassist Adam Kowalewski and drummer Arek Skolik.

But with first sounds coming from my beloved Tannoy speakers this big ice mountain of apprehension began to melt away one note after another. This is all the more remarkable because there is completely nothing new in this trio interpretations of all these standards. Its freshness lays in intimate, loving and direct relationship these musicians keep with this material. It may be compared with bonds existing in old marriage which nonetheless years passing manages to make their union ever so deeper and more meaningful. One rehearsal after another I learn to apreciate this trio authencity, dedication and love towards jazz!

By Maciej Nowotny


1. Round Trip [Ornette Coleman]
2. Crepuscule with Nellie [Thelonious Monk]
3. Diverse [Charlie Parker]
4. Flamingo [Ted Grouya]
5. Chelsea Bridge [Billy Strayhorn]
6. Tico Tico [Zequinha de Abreu]
7. Light Blue [Thelonious Monk]

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