Wednesday, March 16, 2011

100nka - Potrawy, sTrawy + Kompot Gratis (2007)

Colorado beetle (stonka=100+ka) became in Poland quite a famous bug. There were times when plenty of these small insects ravaged not only potato fields but, even in bigger numbers: radio, newspapers, cinema, all due to communist propaganda. "Stonka" played important role in secret alliance led by Uncle Sam directed at weakest point of communist regime in Poland: farming industry. Strangely, however, when in 1989 political system in this country changed, almost immediately shops became abundant with food (though on other hand few could then afford it). Stonka miraculously left spotlights of country media and become normal pest as any other, stripped of all its demonic aura. 
OK, not all of them disappeared. At least couple of them still cherished idea to be superstars again and they succeed! Their way back to fame was easy: they changed potatoes for weed (title of the album translates into something like "dishes of weed and heroine shot free of charge"). Yeah! That's cool I would say and I hope that you are not hypocritical: in my country everyone's boozing as hell, hundreds of people are killed by alcoholised drivers but that's OK with our government. Why? Because our spirit industry is powerful lobby and all vodka is heavily taxed. And weed? Weed is so easy to grow and so difficult to tax. Then weed is bad, very bad indeed for our government. 
Going back to 100nka: they recorded this double CD album in 2006 and it's pure fun. Psychedelic fusion avantgarde free improv cosmic jazz that is the simplest label I find to describe what kind of music it comprises. First CD is recorded in studio by Przemek Borowiecki playing drums, Adam Stodolski on double bass and Tomek Leś on guitar. The music really is great stuff but with second CD, recorded LIVE and with addition of trumpeter Antoni Ziut Grala they do really hit a roof! It rocks as hell and shows that this small ugly beetle is BACK as evil and pissed off as ever and willing to be force in Polish jazz to be reckoned with. The story will be continued...

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