Monday, March 14, 2011

Robert Majewski - Komeda (1995)

This recording dates back to 1995 and is kind of family business. Henryk Miśkiewicz is alto saxophonist while Michał Miśkiewicz, his son, is a drummer, well-known from his long term collaboration with Tomasz Stańko and Marcin Wasilewski. He also has a sister, Dorota Miśkiewicz, a talented pop and jazz singer.
On the other hand a senior of Majewski family, Henryk Majewski, trumpeter, is not present on this album but instead his son, Robert Majewski, is playing on this same instrument accompanied by his younger brother pianist Wojciech Majewski (his performance appeals to me most). The only musician outside these two families is Zbigniew Wegehaupt but only nominally since they all know each other for ages.
Good thing resulting from such a steup is that they are all playing technically impeccable and are communicating with each other perfectly. The music is very sweet and emotional. However it's well too polite and well-behaving as far as I am concerned. It does not bring this "sound of surprise" which I expect from good jazz recordings and I therefore treat is as rather uninspiring tribute to such a musical genius as Komeda was. Please, check this film to listen to a mellow and refined sound these musicians are capable to produce.

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