Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Transgress - Oneirism op. 1 (2010)

This rather pretentious title of the album and name of the band plus doubtful artistic concept of CD cover together with extremely lame photos of artists inside did not indeed inclined me favorably towards this music. So I must admit I was entirely surprised once I inserted this disc and started to listen to what sounds began to flow from my beloved Tannoy speakers: fresh, charming and very, very intriguing. 

Then I started to study the CD cover more closely and discover that I know nothing about any of artists in this project, name of recording label, Soliton, a good one, being the only familiar entity involved in the process of creation of this album. Following query showed a little more details: the band is laureate of FERMATA foundation which support young and creative artists and made possible recording of their debut album. The key figure in the band is Marcin A. Steczkowski who not only plays on piano, keyboard, alto horn, trumpet but also composed most of the music on this album. He is exploring jazz, chamber, klezmer, avantgarde and perhaps even more labels could be found with respect to this music but to be honest I regard such a broad scope as weakest side of this album: it's outgrowing any genre being in consequence a bit too eclectic for my taste. Since my heart belongs to jazz I feel like every time Steczkowski and his partners go full-time jazz the effect is very rewarding otherwise it starts to be indigestible mash.

Speaking shortly, this is ludic, creative if somewhat juvenile effort of the VERY talented artists which should ask themselves in what language they would like to communicate with an audience. They have potential to be as distinctive and important voice like Contemporary Noise Sextet, Levity or even Pink Freud provided that they start to move consistently toward jazz direction. Otherwise I am sorry to say but I rather predict them to be forgotten soon...which would be SAD indeed considering how great potential they are showing with this album.

Please, check this link to listen to how well they sound if keeping on jazz side of the line or look at this video:

Author of text: Maciej Nowotny



  1. Incredible record. You can listen to the whole album online here:



  2. Ya!

    But Marcin A. Steczkowski is not a brother of famous (in Poland) pop singer Justyna Steczkowska ;-)

  3. Ooops! Thanks for correcting the bio...


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