Thursday, March 10, 2011

Julia Sawicka Project - Breathing Space (2011)

Julia Sawicka (vocal, piano)
David Doruzka (guitar)
Grzegorz Grocholski (trumpet)
Roman Chraniuk (doublebass)
Marcin Jahr (drums)

Jazz Forum, 2011

As you probably know I am in love with jazz with inclination towards free and improvised music. Such a attitude is biasing my appraisals of music strongly. So once I got this maxi singiel by Julia Sawicka (attached to a copy of Jazz Forum magazine) and listened to it once, I decided that this is worthless. However I did not write review at once being distracted by other things like making money, dough, bucks etc.

And so happened that surprisingly this music instead of travelling straight to wastepaper basket has become a very frequent guest in my CD player! All thanks to my wife (not great jazz fan) who decided that this is (at last!) kind of jazz she can digest and she simply got enamored in this album. Wow! So the thing that neither Miles Davis, John Coltrane or Tomasz Stańko could achieve, Julia Sawicka accomplished with her low and sultry voice!

But not alone but accompanied by set of excellent musicians among whom a star of Czech guitarist David Doruzka shines with brightest light. Apart from him Grzegorz Grocholski on trumpet, Roman Chraniuk on double bass and Marcin Jahr on drums provide support any girl singing jazz could only dream of. Finally let me ask Julia (on behalf of my wife) that once she records new album, could she be so nice to send her a copy for which she is already impatiently waiting.

Please, check this link to Julia Sawicka site in order to listen to samples of music from this album. But I would recommend you to check this link as well where you can find a bit more predatory version of Julia which suits my tastes a bit more ;-)))

Author of text: Maciej Nowotny

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