Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Rafał Sarnecki Quartet - Songs From A New Place (2008)

This is kind of musical diary composed by young guitarist Rafał Sarnecki after 3 years time spend in New York. But though his debut album it sounds as it was recorded by fully matured musician. First, unlike novice and young player Sarnecki does not concentrate on his technical ability (BTW it is extraordinary) but on searching of his own, unique sound. Pat Metheny style being his point of departure his playing is never too close to his main influence to be mistaken for imitation. He from the beginning to the end is on his own way.
In such a attitude he is assisted by a set of fantastic musicians of whom pianist Paweł Kaczmarczyk deserves to be mentioned in the first place. Being himself excellent soloist and leader, Paweł has a rare ability to be able also to play as sideman in splendid way, leaving all necessary space for his collaborators to shine. Wojciech Pulcyn on double bass and Łukasz Żyta on drums provide a firm and steady support for Kaczmarczyk and Sarnecki to dance, sing and fly as much as they want.
And that is second, really surprising, feature of this recording that instead of putting himself upfront Sarnecki shows here enough maturity to be able to co-operate with all other members of the band (including flutist Thomas Abbott appearing in track 7). 
All these features of this young musician shows his great potential for future provided that he shall decide wholeheartedly to go for music and jazz because he has also a degree in physics and declares it being his second love. 
Finally let me find few words to praise Jan Smoczyński from Tokarnia studio for excellent level of recording and Maciej Stryjecki from ARMS Records (unfortunately not existing any more?) for fine level of edition of this CD.
Please, check this link for sample of music from this album.

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