Monday, March 7, 2011

Sławek Jaskułke - Fill The Harmony Philharmonics (2005)

Sławek Jaskułke (piano)
Krzysztof Dziedzic (drums)
Sławomir Kurkiewicz (double bass)

Hanseatica Chamber Orchestra

BCD Records, 2005

Any stylistic genre, especially in music, when it grows up inevitably becomes eclectic. In some cases it turns out to be ground for composing best music possible like in classical music is for example with oeuvre of Gustav Mahler. However in jazz we are still far from that stage and this album being kind of attempt to do exactly the same thing throwing into one pot jazz, symphonic, rock, pop and even rap but unfortunately instead of some new harmony it produces chaos. I still regard Sławek Jaskułke as talented Polish jazz pianist but this project is his total failure. 
It's no loud - it's noisy to the point when you would simply pay musicians to stop this massacre. Krzysztof Dziedzic on drums whom I like a lot is making such a din on his drums that I cannot say anything else than that it's his worst recording ever. He simply overshadows nice (at moments) play by Jaskułke and not bad bass line as supplied by Sławomir Kurkiewicz. Presence of Hanseatica Chamber Orchestra is simply shameful. It is so sad that these great musicians took part in such unorganized racket!!! If I were in Jaskułke place, I would buy whole edition of this CD and make it to be grinded in some garbage mill as soon as possible.
Still I am waiting impatiently for his new record (to be issued soon) which is duo with another excellent pianist Piotr Wyleżoł. Hopefully it will be something much, much better than this CD and than other Polish duos of the past like Marek & Wacek. Let's pray...
Please listen to sample of music of Jaskułke playing piano solo showing how great potential he has if he is not overextending himself...

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