Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mikromusic - SOVA (2010)

I love jazz but honestly speaking there is plenty of great music outside. That's why I have recently written about new Zimerman record and that's why I am today writing about this album titled Sova by Mikromusic, although it is clearly pop. They are coming from my native and beloved city of Wrocław. Natalia Grosiak  has excellent vocal, sweet yet psychedelic and is also author of all texts which are enough intriguing to catch your attention for longer than just a while. Her creativity and style is no worse than those of much more famous Polish jazz singers and listening to her singing reminds me that good jazz singing usually flourishes best on the fringes of mainstream. She is accompanied by Dawid Korbaczyński on guitar, Robert Szydło on bass, Robert Jarmuzek on piano, Adam Lepka on trumpet, percussion and Łukasz Sobolak on drums - a quality support which at moments sounds a little trip-hop or nu jazz, making music of this band much more interesting than usual pop pulp. Bravo! 
Please check this link to listen how good vibe this young artists produce.

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  1. Bardzo fajny blog :) Z pewnością znajdę tutaj sporo ciekawych wiadomości.
    Pozdrawiam i zapraszam do siebie


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