Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Rheino De Rotten - Rheino De Rotten (2013)

Rheino De Rotten

Achim Escher - alto & baritone saxophones
Marek Otwinowski - bass & electronics
Peter Conradin Zumthor - drums
Kurt Grunenfelder - voice (5,12)
Rheino De Rotten

Hermetic Garage 2013

By Maciej Lewenstein

Rheino de Rotten plays on its debut CD the music inspired by Eugene Ionesco's Rhinocéros and the theatre play by Ursina Hartmann, performed in the late summer of 2010 by Freilichtspiele Chur. The music stands alone, however, perfectly. The CD is short (about 40 minutes), but it is a masterpiece from the first to the last note. It contains mainly free improvisations but with certain rhythmic order and structures; listen for instance to the second piece, "Hetze", with a very clear rock-like rhythm. The following "Elf" is more delicate, but also full of expression. "Funeral" and "Zerfall" combine breathtaking alto of Escher with equally amazing voice of Grünenfelder. "Neuralgie" has similar intensity as "Hetze" but employs radio samples from "Battles Of The Bands CBS Radio" from 1943. My favorites are the slow, more traditional ballad "Hinterblieben", and the closing free tune, "Monologue". The longest track, over 7 minutes long "Pusty pokój II", is also extraordinary. Highly recommended.

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