Saturday, July 28, 2012

Alte Zachen - Total Gimel (2012)

Alte Zachen (band)

Raphael Roginski - guitar
Bartek Tyciński - guitar
Macio Moretti - bass
Ola Rzepka - drums
Milosz Pekala - silent percussion

Total Gimel (2012)

The group was founded by Raphael Rogiński (known from Shofar, Wovoka and Cukunft) and the line-up was complete when Ola Rzepka (Drekoty, Wovoka), Bartek Tyciński and Macio Moretti (Mitch and Mitch, Baaba, Paristetris) joined. All these musicians are known for their typically hectic musical activities and this time around they met to perform Chassidic music mixed with rock'n'roll, surf and psychedelia.
Their first album – entitled Total Gimel – is meant to be a tribute to surf culture which is being observed by band members (without their active participation, though). The band name itself is derived from the slang of Israeli scrap metal collectors and reflects Alten Zachen's attitude: nowadays they play music that sounds as if it was made in the 60's even though it's been part of the culture for 150 years now. And its roots are 5000 years old. (source:

Who doesn't know the Beach Boys' hit "Surfin' USA'? Who hasn't dreamed of wide Californian beaches as a child?
Today however, getting one's brain fried in the West Coast sun seems to be somewhat pretentious.
Raphael Rogiński, one of the most creative Polish musicians of the last decade, along with his friends, proposes a much more exciting adventure. He himself calls it Jewish 'surf-religious' music. 
Hats off to whoever who knows what that's supposed to mean.
The secret is partially unveiled by Szmuel Luria, known as 'the surfing Rabbi', whose concept of waves as the roots of the cabbalistic tree of life Geburah inspired Rogiński. 
Rogiński and the other group members have meanwhile accustomed us to the fact that they defy pigeonholing by producers, critics or audience. Most of their projects are unique and stamped by every individual musician.
Jewish 'surfing' refers once again in Rogiński's career to Jewish tradition. It is not surprising therefore that his guitar reminiscent of Marc Ribot is mixed with enchanting Jewish motives and American psychedelic music from the 70's. (source:

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