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Light Coorporation – Aliens From Planet Earth (ReR Magacorp, 2012)

Light Coorporation (band)

Mariusz Sobański / guitars, baritone cello
Paweł Rogoża / tenor saxophone, Kaossilator Pro
Robert Bielak / violin
Krzysztof Waśkiewicz / bass, analog taperecorder
Miłosz Krauz / drums, percussion

 Aliens From Planet Earth (ReR Magacorp, 2012)

Editor (Great text by Adam Baruch about one of the most interesting young bands mixing prog rock and avant jazz. Awesome!!!)

The recording of a second album is a pivotal moment for every ensemble; a process, which often foretells if that particular group of musicians has a lasting momentum and creative power to re-invent itself time after time and remain relevant and artistically significant in the long term. There are endless examples of one-time creative outbursts, which result in brilliant music, but only a miniscule proportion of these develop into a lasting source of inventiveness, which withstands the tides of time. This, the second album by Polish ensemble Light Coorporation, is therefore a litmus paper of sorts, by which the future of this group can be predicted, bearing in mind of course that prophesy was given the fools.

The group underwent some personnel changes since the release of their stunning debut album "Rare Dialect" a year earlier and comprises now of leader / founder guitarist / composer Mariusz Sobanski, saxophonist Pawel Rogoza, violinist Robert Bielak, bassist Krzysztof Waskiewicz and drummer Milosz Krauz. Of the eight compositions present on the album (there is also a "hidden" ninth track), two are credited to the leader and the remaining six are group compositions, indicating that most of the music is improvised. The fact that the music was recorded live in an Art Gallery, capturing the wonderful ambience of the room, is yet another indication as to the highly improvised nature of the music herein. 

The music itself is quite different from what we can hear on the debut album, which points out that the group is not trying to find a formula, which can then be repeated, but keeps searching, which is probably the essence of all Art. Although the music consistently defies all efforts to be neatly categorized, or even described for that matter, it is quite clear that it moves more towards ambient improvised music, in which sounds become as important as notes in traditional music, even if the sounds are produced by traditional acoustic instruments, sometimes electronically amplified and modified with the use of delay and other effects. 

The overall effect is completely novel and deadly effective, creating sonic tension of incredible intensity and emotional potency. In many respects this album moves away from the direct relations with the sources of this music, like RIO, Zeuhl and Jazz, which were still very much noticeable on the debut album, clearly trying to establish a self-determined (sound-wise) identity. At times, when most music is sadly being reduced to repetitious mechanical dribble, originality and creativity, which are the underlying principles of this music, is so much more important and worthy of admiration and support. 

Sobanski and his cohorts might as well be "aliens from planet earth", as their music is so far removed from the dreaded mainstream so-called music as planet earth from other galaxies. In fact this might even suggest that Poland is a favorite place of residence of many other musical "aliens", judging by the incredible music scene, which produces these days more original and highly innovative music than most other places on our planet. As to the original question about the "second album trial", the answer is one big "passed with honors". Congratulations are in order, and of course a wholehearted recommendation to every intelligent and adventurous music lover (few of those are still remaining on this planet), to grab this immediately and put it on "repeat" at once. There will be no regrets!

1. The Song of the Merbau Tree 03:09
2. Surrounding Us the Pulse of Depths 06:47
3. The Rainbow Hunter 03:09
4. World of Cobweb Fabric 05:44
5. Third Level of Dream 09:49
6. Man Inside the Great Fish 11:55
7. Time (Everything is Chasing After the Wind) 10:21
8. Aquarium of the Universe 08:01

By Adam Baruch

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