Sunday, July 22, 2012

Robert Kubiszyn - Before Sunrise (Uniwersal, 2010)

Robert Kubiszyn - bass,electric guitar,rhodes,synth,arranging

Anna Maria Jopek - voc(4)
Grzegorz Turnau - voc(7)
Gregoire Maret - harmonica(2,4)
Robert Majewski - flugelhorn(8,10)
Henryk Miśkiewicz - soprano saxophone(6)
Adam Pierończyk - soprano saxophone(5)
Łukasz Poprawski - alto saxophone(3)
Krzysztof Herdzin - acoustic piano(3,4,5)
Dominik Bukowski - vibraphone(1)
Tim Miller - electric guitar(9)
Marek Napiórkowski - electric(2)and acoustic guitars(4,6,7)
Mino Cinelu-percussion(4,6)
Sławomir Berny - percussion(3,5,7,8,10)
Michał Dąbrówka - drums(2,5,9)
Cezary Konrad - drums(4,7,8,10)
Robert Luty - drums,udu(3)

oboe: Joanna Żmijewska
violins: Mateusz Smoczynski,Wojciech Proniewicz, Adam Roszkowski,Michal Osmycki.
violas: Michal Zaborski,Wojciech Walczak.
cello: Anna Wrobel

Before Sunrise (Universal, 2010)

Robert Kubiszyn has appeared already on more than 60 albums of stars from different musical genres. Bearing in mind an experience he gathered while cooperating with pop, poetic song and jazz artists, bassist Robert Kubiszyn on his debut disc is moulding all these different languages in order to express what his soul sings about. [...] On "Before Sunrise" he seems to be a kind of contractor, a man implementing certain specific vision, looking for a definite sound which he hopes to attain by careful choice of collaborators who are able to accomplish this task best. That is why there is such a line-up of artists on this record and no other. Even big names may appear sometimes just in one song or two... [...] I am kind of a calm as far as next albums by Robert are concerned. This effort is so multicoulour that I cannot escape impression he may have enough ideas for many more of them...

1. Short Story 1:38
2. Son Of The Sun 6:23
3. Life's Journey 7:08
4. Tak Wyjsc 6:23
5. Last Call 6:00
6. Before Sunrise 6:24
7. Mozesz Zyc 5:10
8. Nothing More Than Illusion 4:33
9. The Dreamcatcher 5:39
10. Event Horizon 3:40
11. Closed Chapter 3:58

By Piotr Iwicki (transl. Maciej Nowotny)

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