Saturday, July 28, 2012

Wojciech Staroniewicz – Conversession - Live (2006)

Wojciech Staroniewicz - tenor & soprano saxophones

Piotr Lemańczyk - bass
Brian Melvin - drums, tablas, kanjira

Conversession - Live (2006)

This is the first album in the trio format by Polish saxophonist / composer Wojciech Staroniewicz, with bassist Piotr Lemanczyk and US drummer Brian Melvin. It was recorded live by the trio during two of their concerts and includes three original compositions by the leader, two originals by Melvin and two standards and one traditional tune. Staroniewicz has a wonderfully warm tone reminiscent of the old Masters and his improvisational skills are spotless. Although fairly mainstream, the music is fresh and interesting and often quite surprising with the rhythm section supporting the leader splendidly and contributing remarkable solo spots as well. Although Staroniewicz does not "cross the line" towards Free Jazz, his playing is often full of tension and marginally touches, at least spiritually, the free spirit of the music. The bassist has also a wonderful tone, which complements the leader's sound perfectly and Melvin's skillful and versatile drumming technique adds a lot to the overall effect. This is a kind of album one can return to at any time and always find something new and worth one's while with each listen. Warmly recommended!

1. PFM
2. Blues Connotation
3. Wintertime
4. Drumstrikin
5. Jana Gana Mana
6. Karolina
7. Triste

By Adam Baruch

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