Sunday, July 8, 2012

Piotr Baron - Tango (1996)

Piotr Baron - tenor saxophone

Jacek Niedziela - double bass
Adam Czerwiński - drums

Tango (1996)

This is rather typical mainstream jazz music however lacking some characteristic for Baron spirituality and cross-over creativity he displayed for example on his latest superb "Kaddish" (2012). Its highlight is attractive main theme which makes music coherent. Level of musicianship is also very high as much as interplay between musicians. Perhaps not sufficient to cause "wow!" effect but certainly enough to justify repeated rehearsal even after many years since its recording.

1. The Last Tango in Paris
2. Tingel Tango
3. Pożegnania; Pamiętasz, była jesień / Farewells; Remember, It Was an Autumn
4. Hasta Siempre
5. Joe Lovano Tango
6. St. Luis Blues
7. Tango Milonga - Oh, Donna Clara

By Maciej Nowotny

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