Sunday, July 29, 2012

Gamid Group - Fragments (2011); Beyond Tranquility (2012)

Fragments (2011) 

Beyond Tranquility (2012)

Gamid Group

Gamid Ibadullayev - percussion, sounds, effects, keys
Wojciech Kwapisiński - tar, guitar, sounds, effects

Music of Gamid Group is completely unique on Polish scene. It is partly explained by an identity of artists who are Gamid Ibadullayev from Azerbeijan and Wojciech Kwapisiński from Poland. As much as the name of the band its musicial idiom seem dominated by Ibadullayew who brought to it Orient flavour. But this flavour is very distant from typical folk associations utilized quite straighforwardly in, say, world music. Surprisingly it is totally transformed and deconstructed in fashion of modern European improvised music. There are no melodies, no rhythms but, as suggested by title of their first album, only fragments, scraps, pieces, sounds barely hinted which suggest no definite direction but leave a lot of freedom for listener to do whatever he wants with this material. It reminds me of some disfragmented DNA helix which floated in primal ocean unsure what is his destiny: to revert back to dead matter or to chain up reaction leading to creation of living cells and, eventually, a human being.

The second album by this group is adequately titled "Beyond Tranquility" and though obviously coherent with minimalistic style of the first one it brings indeed much denser and complicated structures. Of course it cannot be called action-packed but it evokes stronger emotions through ample use of dissonaces, mostly electronically generated. Eastern instruments like tar (kind of mandolin) are in more frequent use as well on this album counterbalancing well electronically generated sounds.

All in all, this is certainly music for connoiseurs of improvisation and Orient influenced spiritual music. But I must admit there is something in this music which succesfully kept my attention for long enough to rehearse whole album. This especially applies to second album which surprised me strong enough that I do not exclude to come back to it one day or another...

By Maciej Nowotny

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