Sunday, July 1, 2012

An On Bast / Maciej Fortuna - 1 (2012)

An On Bast / Maciej Fortuna

Maciej Fortuna – trumpet, flugelhorn, effects, synth
Anna Suda (An On Bast) – laptop, synth, sampler, effects

1 (2012)

An On Bast and Maciej Fortuna have created a new music genre – “processingbop”. It is a conglomeration of live electronics, mainstream jazz with post-bop roots and the youthful inventiveness of the artists who value their message’s communicativeness over the stiff rules of both basal genres. An On Bast describes the project:

“The signal from Maciej’s trumpet besides being heard acustically – or modified by himself – goes into my software where it’s being controlled by my effects and simultaneously recorded, edited and looped. After that I release it and process in the real time, as in the live-act performance.”

The album consists of precisely arranged compositions in which the musicians conduct constant dialogue of their expertise. Only their imagination is the limit there. Using electronic devices to manipulate the sound blurs the boundaries between acoustic instruments and electronics.

01. The Meeting
02. Mr. Cat Said
03. Pancake
04. Splash
05. Telephone Number
06. Time To Be
07. Fun Ship
08. All That Jazz
09. Relaxation


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